Aluminum nitride and related services
aluminum niride substrats for epitaxy
Aluminum nitride -
an outstanding material in many ways
As wide bandgap semiconductor material with exceptional characteristics, aluminum nitride enables various applications. Apart from UV-transparent single crystalline substrates, we offer the service of reclaiming processed wafers and the removal of epitaxial layers. Highly purified aluminum nitride powder and a wafering service for other semiconductor materials comple our product range.
Bulk aluminum nitride substrates
Available in research and production qualities
  • epi-ready surfaces (Al-polar or N-polar)
  • 1 and 2 inches in diameter
  • high UV transparency
  • orientation
    (0001) standard, semi-polar and non-polar on request
  • dislocation density < 105 cm-2
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Ultrapure aluminim nitride powder
High-purity recrystallized aluminium nitride powder particle/crystallite size 0.1-1mm
Remaining impurities:
  • oxygen < 50 mg/kg
  • carbon < 20 mg/kg
  • silicon < 15 mg/kg
  • tungsten < 5 mg/kg
  • all others < 1
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Tungsten and molybdenum
Crucibles, discs, tubes and more
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Wafering services - cutting and polishing of semiconductors
Thanks to its large scope of expertise and equipment, CrystAl-N is able to offer a wide range of wafering services on different materials (AlN, SiC, GaN, AlGaN, InGaN, ZnO, ...).
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