Services for wafering
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CrystAl-N provides state of the art wafering and polishing services of
high -performance semiconductors and industrial crystals.
Our experience in polishing semiconductor materials began in 2003. Since then, the company has gathered manifold expertise in cutting and polishing.
Please contact us with us for more detailed specifications or to get a quotation.
Thanks to its large scope of expertise and equipment, CrystAl-N is able to offer a wide range of services on several different materials:
  • Polishing and surface preparation for epitaxy or re-growth
  • Wafer reclaim after defective epitaxy with or without metallization (AlN, SiC, GaN, AlGaN, InGaN, ZnO, ...)
  • Thinning of wafers
  • Planarisation of wafers
  • Cutting of crystals and boules
State of the art specifications to enhance epitaxy and device yields or performance: scratch-free, extremely low roughness, clean "epi-ready" surface, damage-free layers.
Polishing a wafer
CMP polishing of wafers
AL-N substrates
UV transparent AlN wafers up to 2 inches in diameter
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ultrapure powder
High-purity recrystallized aluminum nitride powder particle/crystallite size 0.1 - 1mm
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Tungsten & molybdenum
Crucibles, discs, tubes and more
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