Applications for Ultra-Violet Light Emitting Devices (UV LEDs)
As many regions in the world are suffering from a lack of clean water, there is an unavoidable necessity for suitable point of use sterilization systems. According to the World Health Organization, every hour more than 100 children die from water-borne bacteria. Only aluminum nitride based UV-C LEDs are capable of killing these bacteria via radiotherapy. Thereby no toxic waste accumulates as it does in mercury-based ultraviolet lamps. This is only possible because of the small and efficient AlN based UV-C LEDs.
UV-C LEDs can furthermore be used in bathhouses as substitute for chlorine, in municipal waste water and sewage treatment, fish hatcheries and in recreational water treatment in hotels, ships and campgrounds.
Various sectors benefit from AlN-based UV LEDs
Health industry
  • air disinfection,
  • tools and media purification,
  • hand disinfection,
  • cancer treatment and skin therapy,
  • DNA sequencing,
  • protein analysis,
  • bio-agent detection etc.
Air conditioning
Air purification in cars, airplanes or hotels
Enables high-brightness LEDs for solid-state-lighting of facades of buildings and rooms and pure white LEDs of any spectral color.
Curing of varnishes, printing inks and polymers.
UV sensors to identify documents, currency, biological toxins,
solar -blind detectors, short-range covert communication.
Spectroscopy to analyze chemical compositions.
LED expl. 1
Converting electricity from one voltage to another, applications for power conversion devices are part of everybody's life, like power adapters, solar cell plants or PCs.
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LED expl. 1
Bulk AlN crystals are most successfully grown by a sublimation-recondensation process (PVT growth) at temperatures exceeding 2000°C.
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