AlN-based electronic devices and AlN growth technology
New possibilities
Focussing applications
Totally new products and markets will emerge by using AlN substrates in electronic devices. For the first time, high-performance UV LEDs are manufacturable, which will enable various applications, such as point-of-use water and media disinfection, air purification in air conditioners of planes and cars and many more… AlN-based power conversion devices benefit significantly from the unique properties of AlN as well.
As many regions in the world are suffering from a lack of clean water, there is an unavoidable necessity for suitable point of use sterilization systems.
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Power devices
Converting electricity from one voltage to another, applications for power conversion devices are part of everybody's life, such as power adapters, solar cell plants or PCs.
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Bulk AlN crystals are most successfully grown by a sublimation-recondensation process (PVT growth) at temperatures exceeding 2000°C.
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