The CrystAl-N Management
Dr. Paul Heimann
Chief Executive Officer - Technical Sales, Quality Management
Paul Heimann has been researching the manufacturing of AlN crystals since completing his dissertation and PhD. He is responsible for Technical Sales and Quality Management.
Dr. Boris Epelbaum
Chief Technology Officer - Technology Development, Crystal Growth
Dr. Boris Epelbaum has worked in crystal growth and high-temperature ceramics manufacturing for almost 30 years. Until the collapse of the Soviet Union, he worked as group leader at the Soviet Academy of Science in Chernogolovka. This was followed by a two-year stint as a visiting professor for crystal growth at Tohoku University in Sendai. In 1999, he took charge of silicon carbide (SiC) and aluminum nitride (AlN) crystal growth at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. His scientific contributions in the field of crystal growth has got international attention and recognition for many years.
Dr. Octavian Filip
Director of Wafer Fabrication
For more than 15 years, Dr. Filip has been working in the field of crystal growth. He graduated from the university of Bukarest, got his PhD in Dresden and has been working on the growth and processing of SiC and AlN for the last five years. He is responsible for Crystal Growth and Wafering.
Ansgar Diekmann
Sales and Business Development
Mr. Diekmann has been part of the company since May 2014, and is responsible for sales and business development activities. Mr. Diekmann has a more than 15 years' experience as sales representative for innovative products in the semiconductor industry including 3 years as Managing Director Europe for Advanced Energy Industries Inc. and 8 years as General Manager for VON ARDENNE Anlagentechnik GmbH.

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